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Benefits of Improving English

Advantages of Improving English

Improving English is a vital part of learning of reading and writing English language fluently. This ability can be greatly improved by improving one’s ability to read and write English language as EFL. The purpose of this article is to determine if students perceive it important in their English syntactical skills as they acquire a second language. The goal is to discern whether a student perceive that the ability to communicate in his/her native language could be improved through acquiring skills in studying a second language. Finally this article will highlight the importance of improving English as explained by our Dissertation Writers UK.

Latest developments in improving English

Recent progressive changes in the purposes and types of human communication have engendered increasing demands on English writing skills, which have been overlooked in language instruction emphasizing oral proficiency. Two distinctive trends of modern society—globalization and the emergence of computer networks—have spurred communication in written English and brought about attention to English writing instruction.improving english skills

First, globalization has dramatically increased communication between people from diverse languages and cultures. The process of globalization, which began with economic trends of global manufacturing and distribution as well as interconnected financial markets, now includes the expanding international network and growing exchanges in politics, industry, economics, culture, media, and education (Friedman, 2000).

Second, computers and Internet technology have promoted the increased use of written English and altered the writing process in globalized society. Computers and Internet technology have impacted almost every facet of modern society, including the teaching of written English. First, the Internet provided dynamic and unconstrained communication channels and access to information, which are disproportionately in English (Crystal, 1997; Warschauer, 2000).

Benefits of learning reading and writing may benefit in the following ways to a person. In the Information Age, which is noted for the abundant consumption and manipulation of information, more people voluntarily and enthusiastically participate in the production of information with a greater capability to share and publish their thoughts. Therefore, the proliferation of information exchanges leads naturally to great attention on English learning and teaching, especially writing (Warschauer, 2000).

Moreover, computing technology not only increases the chances to write, but also alters the process of writing. The writing process using computers is recursive and reflective with ease of editing, retrieving, and saving, whereas traditional paper-and-pencil writing is linear and spontaneous.

Oral Language Proficiency and Literacy Development for ELLs

The common finding emerging from the literature is that English language learners achieve a comparable level of word decoding skills to their native English-speaking peers, but lag behind in reading cimproving Englishomprehension and writing skills by intermediate grades.

Vocabulary difficulty is the most serious obstacle for the literacy development of English language learners. English language learners lag behind their monolingual peers not only in vocabulary size but also in the depth of vocabulary knowledge. The limited vocabulary of ELLs impedes their reading comprehension and thus contributes to their low academic achievement (Garcia, 1991).

To conclude the whole discussion, it can be said that oral language proficiency is a construct that has been operationalized in several ways. ELLs, on average, require five to seven years to achieve native-like English proficiency. This holds true regardless of whether students participate in bilingual or mainstream programs. ELLs tend to make more rapid progress from low to medium levels of English proficiency and slower progress as they move beyond the medium level.

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