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Write Dissertation Proposal

Write Dissertation Proposal

Every student has to write dissertation proposal. Dissertation proposal writing is an initial step towards writing a dissertation. So, this initial step should be taken wisely to get the proposal approved and embark upon the task of independent research work which will not only earn you the final degree but will also be helpful  in the practical filed. 

Tips When you Want to Write Dissertation Proposal

The right kind of dissertation topic should make your dissertation more easy and fun to complete the research work. As it is obvious, research work has been conducted since ages and almost every field has been explored pretty well, so finding a novel and unexplored topic  is not so easy. Perhaps when you begin your quest for finding a dissertation topic you will notice that almost every topic that comes to your mind is already researched well and there is nothing left for you to start your research work. In this  case, the better suggestion is to choose a bunch of already done dissertation topics and then rephrase or rewrite new ones to bring something new into the existing research work. 

Once the dissertation topic is selected and approved, the next step is to Write Dissertation Proposal. Dissertation proposal writing should be given top priority as a good dissertation proposal will make your final dissertation writing process more easy. This blog is focused on writing a good dissertation proposal so you may get it approved by your supervisor.

Statement of the problem

The most important thing in a proposal is your ability to convince your readership or the supervisor that the area you have selected for research needs further investigation as there is significant gaps and inconsistency in the findings of previous studies. So, you begin your dissertation proposal by describing the statement of the problem in which you highlight any gap or the inconsistency of the previous studies. For example, if you are exploring the impact of rewards on the performance of employees, you may describe that the there is a significant gap in the previous studies regarding the impact of reward system on the performance of employees and that no previous study has explored if reward system really improves and enhances the employees performance. But be mindful that this problem of the statement should really be true and if your supervisor finds sufficient previous studies already done on the same topic or area then he/she will instantly reject it.

Aims and Objectives of the dissertation proposal

When you begin to write dissertation proposal, you need to clearly define and explain your aims and objectives of the study so your supervisor knows exactly what you are going to explore and research. Explicit aims and objectives are very important to get your dissertation proposal approved. The following example should help you write your aims and objectives depending on your own dissertation topic. 

Aims and Objectives of the Research

This study intends to explore the impact of reward system on the performance of employees in the retail company of the UK. For this purpose, the specific objectives of the study will be:

1. To investigate the impact of reward system on the performance of employees;

2. To Examine how employees are motivated if they are given further rewards and bonuses;

3. To explore What kind of incentives work better for motivating and improving the performance of employees.

Research Methodology of the Dissertation

Choosing the right method of research work is very important as this will make your research work easy or worst. There are two broad types of research methods: qualitative and quantitative. It depends on your own topic which kind of research method suits you the most. However, generally you should use quantitative method if you have a large group of people (the participants) and there is a large number of quantitative data to be analyzed. For example,for finding out the impact of reward system on the performance of employees, you may conduct a questionnaire based survey in which you collect the quantitative data and then analyze it through SPSS or any other similar software.  On the other hand, if you just want to collect views and experiences of your participants about the research matter, you may conduct a qualitative semi-structured interviews with around 5-15 participants (normally the managers and the executives of the company). 

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