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Criteria to Judge a First-Class Dissertation

Criteria to Judge a First-Class Dissertation

What is a First Class Dissertation

To judge a first class dissertation, there are four categories including: first class, second class, third class and fail. For a “first class dissertation” a student has to acquire at least 70 percent or higher marks. In order to achieve this target many students seek help from top class dissertation writing services as they can promise the first class dissertation. The students who want to create and submit a first class dissertation must understand the requirements of their tutors and markers. So, they should take the following steps:

Have Communication with the supervisors to write first class dissertation

The supervisors play an important role to enable the students to get the best grades in their written dissertation. So, the students should ask their supervisors to carefully check and review their drafts before final submission. Through the positive feedback along with helpful criticism, the students can better be able to overcome their deficiencies in writing the academic papers. In case of any problem faced by the students, the supervisors can guide and advise them to complete their papers successfully.

A large number of students are unable to complete their dissertations as they are not properly and timely guided by their tutors. So, taking help and guidance and feedback on the submitted drafts is very important to make the students’ papers perfect and unique in all the senses regarding writing, referencing, formatting and so on.

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What to be Included in a First Class Dissertation

The students have to follow a particular dissertation structure to be used during the dissertation writing process. Almost, all the dissertations have the following sections: an introduction, literature review, dissertation methodology, data analysis, conclusion, recommendations, and the bibliography.

The writers have to be clear and on the right track to create a first-class dissertation. All the data and sources used in a dissertation must be original, unique and authentic. There must be a balance between creativity and criticism. At the same time, the writer must have the ability to critically analyze a theory. A first-class dissertation also consists of the author’s recommendations.


The very first section of a first-class dissertation should be comprised on the background of the study, and generally it is considered to be most difficult section to be written by the writer. The introduction section introduces the reader with an outline of the contents to be included in the dissertation. It should also have the aims and objectives of the study. This section should be given the final touch by editing after the completion of the entire dissertation.

Literature Review

The second part of a first-class dissertation is known as literature review. This section must create a link between the previous studies on a specific topic to the present study. The author should describe the problem statement that will be solved in the research project. Students are to be ensured that they are using the existing studies to support the present research topic. So, it is much important that the students must access the most relevant and latest journal to have an idea about the true nature of the assigned topic.

Dissertation Methodology

This section comprises of:

  • Primary or Secondary research design
  • Data sources which may include textbooks, journal articles, online libraries, etc.
  • Timeline, in which the author suggests the time frame required for conducting research and the dissertation writing process.
  • Data analysis, here the author has to mention the methods to be used for data analysis.

Students should also use specific survey criteria to successfully complete a first-class dissertation. They may use SPSS data analysis technique if the researcher has distributed the questionnaires to collect data from the masses. At the same time, the author has also to specify whether he/she has to use qualitative or quantitative research methodologies.

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The final section included in a first-class dissertation is known as the conclusion chapter. This chapter comprises of the recommendations and conclusions for further research. While referencing the dissertation, the students should be ensured that they have sited all the references correctly. The students should also use the referencing styles suggested by their tutors such as Harvard, Chicago, Trubian, APA and MLA. You may also be interested in knowing How to Get the Best Dissertation Services to Secure the Best Grades

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