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How to improve assignment writing skills

A useful guideline for assignment writing 

The present article consists of the information about how to improve the assignment writing skills to complete different types of academic assignments perfectly. This article will also explain how to write an assignment in pdf or any word processor. If you are looking for an assignment writing sample, then this is the best place to look for and ask for the samples on any kind of academic assignment and our agile team will send you the required sample without any cost.

What is assignment writing

Every academic institution requires students to write an assignment on various given topics. The purpose of assignments is to evaluate students’ writing skills, critical analysis and the mastery of the subject. This article will explain these aspects of assignment writing. After reading this article the students will be able to:

  • Prepare an easy plan to write the best type of academic assignments
  • Be able to write a rationally planned assignment
  • Be able to review their own and others’ writing skills about the academic assignments

assignment writing process

The following must be considered while writing an assignment:

Planning: Formulating a Mind Map:

Before starting the assignment writing process, the students must make a mind map and then follow it in the writing process. It must be kept in mind that without following a mind map, the students won’t be able to work logically.

Collecting Data and Information:

After making a mind map, the research process to collect data and information should be started. For this purpose, the students should conduct vast research by reading different online journals, visiting online and the college or university libraries, seeking guidance and help from their tutors and peers and so on. The most important thing in this regard is that they should only collect the best, original and relevant data and information to be used in their assignments.


assignment writing help

Writing the introduction of assignment:

After collecting all the relevant data, the assignment writing process may be started. If you have substantial data and information, then you must be wondering how to write an assignment first page. In the very beginning, the students have to introduce the topic. The purpose of the introduction is to provide readers and the tutors a brief introduction or an outline of the major points to be discussed in the assignment. So this part should be written in the future tense.

Main Body of the Assignment:

Here, the usage of paragraphs is necessary to arrange the discussion and analysis in a logical manner. All the important issues must be discussed in a sequence and order right in accordance with the introduction. The first line of the paragraph indicates the topic or sub-topic to be discussed. However, if the two paragraphs deal with different aspects of the same topic, the second paragraph should be started with a link such as ‘in addition to…’ or ‘a further consideration… 

Usage of Language:

While writing the assignments, the students are generally puzzled about the usage of the first, second or third person in their academic writings. In the first person, the words ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘mine’ and ‘my’ are used. The first person is used to comment on the events in your practice area. The second person refers to ‘you’. This word is used in the article where the writer has to give instructions to endorse the growth of new knowledge, skills or attitudes. The third person is the most commonly used form in writing academic essays and it refers to other people by using the word ‘they’ or ‘them’.


In the end, the assignment writer has to conclude the whole discussion in an appealing and impressive way. It must be kept in mind that at this stage the writer shouldn’t give any new ideas, rater the conclusion must be inferred from the previously written contents.

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