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Riverpoint Writer for Dissertation Formatting

Riverpoint Writer for Dissertation Formatting

It has become an alarming trend to seek help from online cheap dissertation writing services. The obvious reason for this growing trend is the lack of understanding about dissertaiton formatting rules and tools.  Every student has to write a dissertation from undergraduate to PhD level. So, every student has to understand how to format the dissertation to make it a professional and scholarly research work. Unfortunately, not every student is well familiar with the proper dissertation format. So, this article is intended to help students in using the available necessary dissertation formatting tools. One of the best tools for dissertation formatting is the Riverpoint writer which is available online and every student with university access can download it and use it for writing dissertation or any other kind of the academic papers.  Riverpoint writer is a formatting tools which plugs into the Microsoft Word that helps you create a document according to the style of your institution recommendations.  So, let us discuss the usage of this helpful and necessary tool in details.

How to download the Riverpoint writer

The Riverpoint writer is available online from the University of Phoenix and any student registered at University of Phoenix can download the Riverpoint Writer from their online portal. Some other external links also provide the download of the software like at http://riverpoint-writer.software.informer.com/2.0/  however, these are not tested so you may exercise care while downloading or accessing the links.

How to use Riverpoint Writer for dissertation formatting

Once you have installed the Riverpoint Writer in your system it will automatically integrate with your Microsoft Word. So, the only thing you need to do is to open the Riverpoint Writer itself. Below is the screenshot of the first screen of the Riverpoint Writer which shows some options for you. The first one is to create the document according to your requirements. So, if you are undergraduate to masters level student you can simply click the create button and it will lead you to the next screen where you can put your dissertation topic and other details to create the dissertation title page. Also, if you want to add an Abstract page, you must check the box which shows “the paper requires an Abstract”. By clicking this option the Riverpoint  Writer will add the abstract page automatically at the appropriate place.

The next option is for the doctoral level students as the dissertation format for doctoral level is a little different from the masters level dissertation. So, make sure you click the appropriate option to create the suitable dissertation format for you.

Once you have made the appropriate selection of your document type and click on the create button, you will see the next screen as shown below.  First, you need to put or type your dissertation topic which will be added to the header of your document and will also be added in the title page of the dissertation. second, you need to put your name, course number, due date and faculty name which will be added into the title page of your dissertation document.

After adding the necessary information when you click on the ok button you will see a ready to use template for the dissertation which will have a title page, an abstract page and the subsequent pages for adding necessary data. The example of a ready to use dissertation template is shown below.

How to add and insert headings to create table of contents for dissertation

Microsoft Word offers great features for adding dissertation table of contents. For this purpose, you only need to add heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 and so on in your dissertation document. After you have finished the writing process and have highlighted the headings appropriately, you only need to click on the references menu and select table of contents and the suitable style of table of contents. Microsoft Word will automatically create the table of contents where you have placed your cursor.

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