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The art of writing dissertation

The art of writing dissertation

If dissertation writing really an art?

Writing a dissertation is an art. There is no doubt that writing is sometimes the most difficult task during the academic career of students. It is also a bitter fact that every student has  to demonstrate his writing skills no matter if he/she likes writing or not. Obviously, not every student possesses the same level of writing skills. For some, writing is a fun and for others it may be a nightmare just to pen down a few sentences.

If the writing skills are god-gifted trait than what the unlucky group of students should do  who are not bestowed this essential trait to pass the academic career?  The simple answer is: polish the writing skills. The purpose of this blog is to give some tips using which you can polish your writing skills and become at par with your peers having the god gifted skills of writing.

Extensive Reading

The first most important prerequisite of writing is the extensive reading of every material related to the topic or the area of study. You can write only when you have substantial knowledge of the topic and it will come only through a lot of reading. However, be mindful that just reading is not enough. You need to understand every bit of information and be able to  critically appraise or analyse it. So, when you start reading anything ask a few question yourself. What the author is trying to convey and convince? What are the weaknesses and strengths of the study? What are the academic gaps that the author has failed to cover? What is the new idea presented in this study? What are the future implications and what area of the study need further exploration? If you set these question before yourself and read a previous research then it will be easy for your to understand that you can only write a similar research work yourself. Also it will give you some confidence when you find some gaps and weaknesses in the study and will encourage you to write your own independent research work to fill the gaps left by the other researchers.

Practice makes a man perfect

Every one is familiar  with the fact that . So is the case with writing. Rather I would say that the practice in writing is the most important aspect that every study needs to adopt to become an expert writer. So, if you want to be a good dissertation writer, you need to practice writing. Now a days, writing has become much easier through laptops, tablets and even through the smartphones which have built-in word processors. So, whenever you need to write a dissertation you need to get used to writing 2-3 pages on daily basis which not only will develop a writing habit in you but will also pave the way for your successful completion of the dissertation assignment in time.

Get an editor

It is always a good decision to get an editor of your written papers. If you can do this job yourself it is much better as you will be able to understand your own weak points and rectify these to make yourself a perfect writer. However, if for any reason you cannot find sufficient time to recheck your own writing then you may ask some friend of colleague to do this job for you. You may offer him/her a cup of tea, editing of his/her work as barter system or just a flying kiss if the editor is close to your heart. This way will improve your dissertation writing much faster and you will be able to submit your finished dissertation well before the final deadline.

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