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How to conclude dissertation

How to conclude dissertation

Worried about how to conclude a dissertation? Do you feel that you cannot finish the dissertation conclusion chapter with perfection? After offering a detail review of what does dissertation means and some dissertation definition, this blog offers tips on writing the dissertation conclusion chapter which is the focus of our dissertation writing services.

dissertation conclusion

Dissertation writing at every stage requires expertise and guidance. When you start your introduction chapter of the dissertation, you need to learn how to write an effective and attractive dissertation that may attract the attention of the readers. Similarly, when you have to conclude a dissertation you need to go through all over again to have clear idea of what you have learnt and what conclusions and recommendations you can offer.

The dissertation conclusion chapter is shorter in length as compared to the introduction and literature review chapters etc. In fact, it may be like a summary or brief overview of your previous chapters. However, it differs from the summary in that it not only throws light on the previous chapters, but also offers new ideas in the form of conclusions and recommendations.

For writing a dissertation conclusion, the best strategy is to check, check and check your previous chapters again. The dissertation conclusion chapter may be written differently by every candidate. However, the normal sub headings of every dissertation conclusion chapter may be as follows:

dissertation conclusion chapter

 A brief summary linking back to the introduction and literature review chapters

  1. The conclusions drawn from your own primary research
  2. What your research was important for researchers and practitioners
  3. Recommendations for future research
  4. Recommendations for practitioners
  5. A final paragraph

The University of Leicester has made some good recommendations for writing the dissertation conclusion chapter. The university emphasizes on deciding when to stop writing your dissertation. Obviously, just as it is difficult to begin writing, finishing it is also that difficult. It is because once you start the writing process and recheck your dissertation, you will always feel the need to make changes and add more things to make the work perfect. So, in this process of perfection you will feel it difficult to decide how to stop the writing process. So, the best way to divert your attention is to start reading your dissertation and pay attention to the following sections of your dissertation:

  1. Writing the abstract and the introduction;
  2. Checking the reference list;
  3. Finalising the appendices; and
  4. checking your contents page.

Reading these parts of the dissertation may enable you to complete the dissertation to your satisfaction.  You must also be aware that the main purpose of dissertation writing is to demonstrate your ability to undertake and report research rather than to answer every question on the topic. So never try to make your dissertation too perfect.

If you are worried about how to conclude a dissertation, simply remember that in the introduction chapter you have set your aims and objectives and the purpose of the study. So, recheck what aims and objectives you have achieved through this research and report these in simple and convincing manner to your readers. You may also add some recommendations for the future research and any limitations you may faced in the current research. If you can add these parts logically and convincingly, then it is sure that you will get the best grades in your dissertation.

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