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Role of technology education in educational transformation

Role of technology education in educational transformation

Role of technology education

Technology has played a vital role in revolution of education. Before the advent of technology, the education process was too slow and learning of new skills was a difficult process.  The difference between technology education and the traditional education is that the traditional education relied much on teachers own teaching methods and their experience in the field of education. Our writers at the dissertation writing services are fully aware of the importance of technology education in the learning process. As is evident, every teacher has his own set beliefs and views about teaching methods. So, every teacher may use some teaching method different from his peers. The impact of this difference may be visible on learning process of students. So, the major problem in traditional education is the inconsistent teaching and learning process. This problem as adequately been addressed by the use of technology in education.

The second problem in traditional education system is that every student has to attend a class at a specific venue and at a specific time. So, if you are living away from a reputable college or university you cannot learn what you desire. However, the advent of information technology has paved the way for learning at distance and at flexible time table. Now, if you are living in Nigeria and want to attend a class in a reputable university at UK you just need to have a computer connected with the Internet and you can enjoy learning just as you would be living in UK. 


How technology education impacted the educational transformation?

Technology pervades every facet of life around the world. Yet the study of technology per se has rarely been part of general programs of study in schools. Many governments became aware of the absence of a systematic study of technology within their educational systems and have strived to remedy this deficiency. Different governments, however, gave different names and different intents to the study of technology. In the United States this study developed into the traditional industrial arts programs and changed to what is now known as “technology education”. Presently some study of technology exists not only in the United States but also in Europe and in Australia where some of the “efforts have exceeded those of the United States” (Starkweather 1986, 5). Furthermore, according to a United Nations study, a large number of countries around the world, including several developing nations, are trying to incorporate technology education into their general education curricula (UNESCO 1983).

Technology Education


Technology education has increasingly become imperative worldwide. Its content and purpose are continuously being emphasized, refined and expanded. Examples of how technology education is implemented in the United States and other countries will illustrate its curriculum content, schooling levels, and concerns about the effectiveness of its implementation. Technology education’s place in relationship to general education and vocational education and its subfields will be determined both philosophically and in practice. Technology education is of vital importance for students all over the globe alike.

What is Technology Education?

Technology education cannot be defined in a short, concise and compound statement. The conceptions behind the practices need to be expanded upon to reflect the original intents of professionals in the field. A representative sample of the goals, objectives, and content of technology education will help clarify its meaning.

technology education

Technology is now being advocated as having evolved into an academic discipline, i.e., into a new science. Technologists are, in fact, involved in the methodological investigation and systematic determination of technical means and systems as they relate to individuals and their societies. They use intellectual processes such as observing, analyzing, measuring, hypothesizing, experimenting and creating. These processes are used by technologists to “accumulate knowledge about an artifact or to solve a technological problem”

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technology education

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