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What should be the role of teacher in classroom?

What should be the role of teacher in classroom?

Academic papers writing is certainly a challenging task which every student has to undertake during the academic career. However, not all students are well prepared for this challenging task. Obviously, the role of teacher in preparing students for academic papers writing is of vital importance. This article is focused on the role of teacher and discusses what are the most salient characteristics of a good teacher. This article is written by an excellent and well experienced teacher who contributes significantly to our cheap dissertation writing services

Teaching is a holy profession as teachers are said to be the personality or character builders of their students. They are also called nation builders because they infuse the national identities and values in their students. They shape their vision. If you find someone confused about social, cultural, religious or national entities, it means he never has been to a good teacher. Actually, the personality of a student reflects the personality of his teacher.

The above mentioned things force us to be convinced to the element that the teacher must be a responsible person who can understand his occupation, can act as a model before his students, and has an ability to shape the personalities of his students according to the requirement of society and nation. Nowadays it has become a burning question what should be the role of a teacher in classroom? Different dissertation writing services in uk have given different opinions regarding this issue. Some of them are as under:

The teacher should play a role of facilitator or a mentor in classroom. He should facilitate the students in their learning. He should let the students do their work and should help them where they need. This will speed up the learning process and the students will get engaged in learning activities.

The teacher should not be a ruler or an authoritarian in classroom. He should give a chance to the learners to learn by themselves. This type of learning is long lasting because the students get a chance to show their own performance. In such situation they learn things with their own personal experience.

The teacher should play a role of an adviser. He should instruct the students with proper suggestions to avoid mistakes. A good adviser can block a number of mistakes in an appropriate manner.

The teacher should be an observer. He should keep an eye on every student to see whether all the students are engaged in given task or not so that the learning process may continue without any interruption.  

The teacher should be a manager. He should manage all the activities in given time. Neither he should prolong the activities nor should he shorten the activities. But he should manage all the things in the given time properly.

The teacher should be a controller. Class should be in control of a teacher. He should neither be too flexible nor too harsh. He should try to create an interesting environment to keep the students engaged in learning activities.

The teacher should avoid lecture method but he should adopt student-centered method to involve all the students in learning.

The teacher should be a friend to some extent so that the students do not feel any hesitation while sharing their academic problems.

The teacher should be an organizer. He should organize all the things in a systematic way where activities should be introduced in a chain like arrangement.

The teacher should be a psychologist. He should treat the students according to their temperaments.   

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