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Steps to Plan to Write the Best Essay

Steps to Plan to Write the Best Essay

Writing an essay is not as easy as you might have taken before attempting one yourself. However, it is also true that by planning to write the best essay may make it easy to write the best essay. Planning is the most important step in writing an essay. A perfect plan will help you to write the essay in a good way and you may not consider to take help from cheap essay writing services in uk.
Planning can help you to keep up the writing of essays and other things related to your daily life. A definite plan will be helpful to maintain everything in your daily life in the correct way.
Writing an essay is not as challenging as it is considered. Mainly, the writing of essays requires the starting point. And, the starting point is always difficult. You might need to conserve your ideas and thoughts to start writing. So, getting started on an essay is a real challenge.
When you are starting to write an essay, every thought and idea about the topic will be spinning around and round back in your head. You would think about every single idea about the main point of your essay.
It would be difficult for you as you have to write an essay in a definite way and present it to your professor in a sequence. So, you would have to know about bringing together your ideas and facts about the topic.

Steps to Plan to Write the Best Essay

After the assembly of your ideas, you can start writing the essay.
Of course, the main point of the best academic essays is to write every fact in a sequence.
But, this thing is not always as easy as it is thought to be. There are plenty of ideas in your mind and you have to write down every idea and thoughts to yours in the essay.
Sometimes, you can mix up the sentences and it would not be good for your grades. So, you have to maintain a sequence.

Planning to Write the Best Essay

The most important thing to write an essay in a good and easier way is to plan the writing of your essay. Success has its basis in planning. If you don’t plan how to do something, you would not be able to generate the results of your will. And, ultimately, you would lose in the game.
So, you have to plan the whole writing process of your essay. After that, you can start writing your essay as you will find it much easier than ever.
If you fail in planning, it will be planning to fail.
Many students start writing the essay with a great thrill. But, their thrilling spirit is just at the beginning of the essay. After a few days, they would lose the excitement and stop writing their essay and look for how to buy a dissertation online.
You have to keep in mind that you must not leave your writing undone until the last moment of your work.
You can have some guidelines to plan your writing of essays after reading this article.

Stages to Plan an Essay

First of all, you must know that there are two stages while writing an essay.
Number#1: At the starting point, you need to reconsider the facts and ideas about your topic which you will include or not. At this point, you can write down your thoughts on a paper and consider some text from your book. These will help you to review your ideas on the topic.
If you summarize the beginning points of your essay before the process of writing, it will help you to make sure that you are not leaving any important fact behind. It will also help you to consider the points of the argument of your essay.
Number#2: After summarizing the content of your essay, create a time-table. Creating a time-table is necessary as it would help you to maintain the hours of your day in productive time. You would be able to do all the necessary chores, study and have some relaxation time.
You can create a time-table of your work in a way that you can complete a section of your essay in a day and you will be able to meet the deadline with a relaxation time.
If you break-down your work into controllable portions, it will help you to do something productive and make progress every day. In this way, you won’t be excused from your professors at the last moment.
So, you can have a look at these steps to plan the writing of your essay.

Step#1: Creation of a Structure

Different essays have different deadlines. It mostly depends upon the preference of your professors and the number of pages of your essay.
If your professor requires you to write an essay in a short time, it can be devastating for you.
So, you may be convinced to just sit down and start writing without any outline.
But, you have to make sure to create a structure for your essay. Even if it is for a moment, you have to pay heed to the writing process of your essay. You have to create a structure of your essay that can cover the whole important parts of your essay.
Humans tend to argue about any topic that is under study. Now, you have a piece of argument. You are ready to write it into your essay.
But, you can’t start writing the piece of argument directly in your essay. Of course, you have to write the main points of your essay before anything.
You can write the introduction of your essay. And, then decide about the length of your argument. You have to present your thoughts and some references in your argument. So, you can create some two to three paragraphs. And, at this point, you can have some 7 to 10 sentences in each of your essays.
You must know that each of your paragraphs must have some focus in it. In each paragraph, you have to write something that can keep the attention of your reader to the essay. This is what is called the topic sentence.
One of your paragraphs can be around some 200-250 words, or if you want to add, you can do so.
But, you have to maintain a limit. It would help you to write the essay and all its important parts within the time limit.
Now, you have to think about the number of body paragraphs that your essay is going to contain.
First of all, you have to know the exact amount of words.
For example, if you have to write an essay, which contains 1500 words. You can use 150 words for your introduction and 150 words for the conclusion of your essay. About the 1200 words, you can use them for the creation of 5-6 body paragraphs in the middle of the essay with 200 words each.
Right at this time, you have to consider the top 5-6 ideas and facts about your topic. For each paragraph, you would consider one important topic sentence that will present your ideas. And, you will argue on the sentence. It would help your readers to be attracted to your essay.
This structure of the essay would help you to achieve the word count of your essay. And, it would also help you to handle the factors about your essay in an easier way than before. At the first moment, you would be devastated by the idea that you would have to write about 1500 words. But, at the moment, when you break down your essay into sections, it would be easy for you to write it in a while.

Step#2: Inspirations or Free-writing

Now, when you know the number of ideas, you would have to think about the ideas that you have to write.
You can attain the ideas on your topic in many ways.
You can write some of your thoughts about the topic. You can have some research in your mind. You can ask some questions about your topic from others. You can learn something from the text of your books. You can have some points from the lecture notes or lecture slides.
At this point, collecting so many ideas from so many sources can make your paper look messy. Now, you can start to construct your summary.

Step#3: Creation of a Detailed Summary

Now, when you have collected ideas, you would have to create a summary of the ideas to fit them perfectly into the essay. You have to brainstorm some of your ideas and clear out all the confusion from your essays. You will have to clean all the ideas that have been placed in their wrong place, correct some of the mistakes, delete some of the sentences and note down some of the important parts of each idea.
You can have some of these plans:
Number#1: Write the introductory sentence or thesis statement
Number#2: Write the topic sentences for all the paragraphs included in your essay
Number#3: Make sure to include the evidence about your facts
Number#4: Write the conclusion of your essays and ideas
Once you have written all these parts, you can have some time to relax before handing out your essay.