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What is education online?

What is education online?

What is education online?

Every student now a days tries to find the means and sources for education online. The popularity of online education is increasing day by day and there are many online dissertation writing services which offer help in writing almost any kind of academic papers. This blog is focused on the importance of education in our life and how we can benefit from the education.

Education is a process which brings change in behavior through training of thought. It also develops the personality of humans. It gives people the sense of talking, behaving, eating or dealing with other people in an appropriate way in their daily life. But nowadays education is a process of training and learning, especially in schools and colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.

If we see in past we feel that all the progress of the world is a result of learning or training. Thus education is responsible for all the world’s progress. So, it became a regular part of human life and they established special institutes for educating the generations. Programs of study are designed to transform the specific thoughts, ideas, beliefs and concepts in coming generations and races. It is a sources of passing knowledge and information to the future successions.

Education is of great significance for human race as it has enabled the human beings to reach the destinations of progress. Humanity demands the love and want of education. All the societies and religion lay stress on education. As it is the most powerful tool to conquer the world. An educated person can deal and solve the most intricate and complex situations and problems. Education polishes man’s inner abilities and faculties. It teaches man self-control and self-respect. We can find a number of instances in human history when the great men changed impossible to possible by using their intellect and knowledge only.

Throughout the history the rulers have been using two powerful tools for occupying or conquering the territories and domains; the weapon and courtesy. The use of weapon means the use of power which is also used by wild animals and mostly it results in rebel or disobedience. Thus it becomes a source of discontent for the people in authority and masses as well. This tool has been one of the least recommended one. The use of courtesy means the use of gentle and soft behavior by the ruler and surely it results in appreciation and respect for the royals or persons in power. It essentially becomes a cause of satisfaction and contentment for authority and the subjects. This thing is only gained through education as it gives people a sense of suitable behavior in different situations. So education not only enables the man to conquer the world but it also enables him to rule over the hearts of the people.

If we go back in past we feel convinced that all the progress in world is indebted to education. If there was no education this world would have been a place of detestation. No civilization would have been flourished here. This is the education that motivates a man to stand with others in time of misery and distress. We see that education has given man a sense to make laws and rules to protect the rights and duties of human being. UNO is a true example of this phenomena. It is a worldwide organization that raises voice against every type of misdoing or injustice in the world. It exposes the evidences and facts and tries to provide justice to the down trodden. It also lays stress on the need to make laws to protect the rights of common people. Therefore education has a primary importance for the progress and peace of the world.

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