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The Complete Guide for annual Budgeting at University

This is a free guide for budgeting at University prepared by the Dissertation Writers UK in order to help students understand the main concept of budgeting at University. The main purpose of this free learning source is to provide dissertation examples and free dissertation samples to students. 

It is hard to manage your funds by making budget especially at university. You never know what your expenses are in the first term and what the amount of funds is which you have. Then it is imperative to learn how to budget your funds at university level.

It is a proper learning process at university level how to budget your funds. Many students commit mistakes in using their funds and then run short of money during the last days of month or semester. But you can avoid this serious mistake by making a good budget plan and then sticking to it. At the first year of university a number of students become shocked by the high prices of different things of daily needs. Hence they run short of money in the very early months of the university due to limited funds they got from their family. The expenses exceed the limits of their expected budget and they consume all their money in no time. Therefore, it is important to know about all the expenses of your university before getting admission.

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You can manage and check extra-circular activities for saving your funds.

Your livings costs cannot be managed in plan because the rent of your room and utilities vary from one area to another. Coursework expenses also cannot be planned due to variation in course materials and books. Living costs can be changed by depending upon the living conditions you use. The cost of rent outside the campus will be different and inside the campus is different. So it is up to you that what type of accommodation you will choose.

To estimate the accurate budget you need to know all the price plans in your university area. Utilities, food, and entertainment will have different costs in different areas. You have to research and know how much cost of utilities you will have to pay in average. Food is the basic thing for your survival. So you have to check in the area of your university what type of food is available and what the average cost of monthly mess is.

Important thing to do before making your budget plan is to estimate what your annual income will be at university during stay. Your income will include:

  • Tuitions which you will give on part time basis
  • Scholarships which you will get from university
  • Loans which are available from your friends
  • Savings or additional funds which you will receive from your family.

​Now accurately estimate your overall expected expenditures for the year. Then compare the sum of expenses with the sum of income. This will give you an overview whether you will need any extra money to complete this year or save some money for next year.

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Begin calculating your costs from monthly expense of utilities and food. After that, remaining budget will be distributed in less important expenses.

It is handful to write your budget plan on the paper. This will help you keeping in mind how to spend your money.

​Individually a student will expect following essential expenses:

  • Tuition fee
  • Rent
  • Utility bills
  • Internet and phone bills
  • Course contents bill
  • Food and drink
  • Transportation
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Laundry
  • Holidays and presents
  • Emergency funds
  • Entertainment

After planning all the things you can break your annual​budget into weekly sum of money.

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