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Mobile Food Truck Dragon’s Den Presentation

Mobile Food Truck Dragon’s Den Presentation

Table Of Content

Business plan and objectives
Company Description
Market Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Organizational Structure
Organizational Chart
Online and offline marketing plan
Financial projections

Mobile Food Venue

The Mobile Food Venue is the Limited Liability Company located in Lancashire. This is the joint venture of entrepreneurs (xxx, xxx, xxxx, xxx). The purpose of this company is to provide the food items to be more affordable for the students’ budget. Our mobile truck will serve a combination of British and Indian food items such as Pizza, Chicken Tikka Massala, Chicken Korma, Chaat, fish & chips.

Indian Fast Food in UK

Market Analysis

The Problem

The coronavirus pandemic negatively impacted the food industry due to rising unemployment, decreased income, and falling consumer confidence. However, this pandemic resulted in surge of takeaways and mobile foods.
The fast food market generated more than 15 billion British pounds. The traditional branded food industry generated over 4.9 billion British pounds. However, the share of mobile and street food is only 1.2 billion British pounds.

Our Solution

  • It is expected that the food spending will grow up to 3.5% by 2023.
  • To avail this opportunity, The Mobile Food Venue Ltd will provide the food items on the go.
  • The focus of our business is the college and university students.
  • We will serve them a combination of British and Indian food items.
  • Our food items will be Pizza, Chicken Tikka Massala, Chicken Korma, Chaat, fish & chips etc.

Target Market

Students from all over the world come to study in the UK colleges and universities. To serve them their personalized taste, there is a strong need to setup a mobile food venue near the university and college campuses. Indian foods are becoming popular due to its spicy taste and hygienically healthier ingredients.

Fast Food Market in UK

Mobile Food Near Colleges and Universities

Most of the UK consumers (90%) dine at café shops and restaurants. Whereas only 15% of them have go to the street food and stalls. Our business will target this segment of the market


The main competitors of the Mobile Food Venue are the home delivery services, street stalls and mobile catering services but their focus is not on mobile trucks, rather they provide home delivery services or catering services.

  • Mobile catering services in Lancashire
  • Street food catering Services in Lancashire
  • Street Stalls and Kiosks
  • Home Delivery Restaurants

Number of Food Services Enterprises in the UK

  • Restaurants and hotels = 86227
  • Beverage Serving Activities = 37908
  • Even Catering = 8656
  • Other food service activities = 2301
Number of Food Services Enterprises in the UK

Our Advantage

The foremost competitive advantage of Mobile Food Venue is its colleges and universities venues which are the main spots for students’ food consumptions. The University of Central Lancashire, based in the city of Preston, is the oldest academic institution where students across the world come for their higher studies. These students prefer to like the tastes of their own culture and nativity. To meet this need, the Mobile Food Venue will serve multicultural cuisine through mobile food trucks.


Marketing & Sales

The marketing strategy of the Mobile Food Venue is to establish its identity in the town so it may start immediate sales upon the opening of the business. To achieve this, the following marketing tactics will be used:


A company facebook will be created and facebook ads programme will be used to hit the right audience . posts of the company products with emphasis on health and hygienic importance will be shared to create awareness of the business.


To showcase the company products, Instagram company account will be created and company products and employees information will be shared on the Instagram.


A business Twitter account will be created A Twitter company account that emphasizes biking-related news and its community.


Locations & Facilities.

Mobile Food Venue will be equipped with the mobile food trucks that will target the campuses of colleges and university premises to meet the students demand of fast food.


  • Hire one truck for the initial startup
  • Obtain the permits and licenses
  • Purchasing your food truck
  • point-of-sale (POS) system
  • A Company Website

Equipment & Tools

  • Griddles
  • Microwave
  • Ventilation
  • Sprinklers
  • Washing stations etc…..

Our Team

Ashraf Badry Science professor
Fatma Hassan Science professor
Amanda Mc Meele Science professor
John Smith Technology
Cynthia James Science professor
Kathy Foster Technology
Stephen Jenkings Science professor

Financial Plan

Equipment Estimated Cost
Food Truck Equipment & Tools £25,000 – £100,000
Initial Product Inventory £1,000 – £2,000
Permits and Licenses £100 – £500
Website Free – £5,000
Social Network pages Free
Register / POS £200 – £1,000
Uniforms / T-Shirts £0 – £1,000
Paper Products (Plates / Napkins, etc.) £200 – £300
Misc. Expenses (Like a Chalk Menu) £500 – £2000
Smallwares: Pots, Pans, etc. £1000 – £2000
Fire Extinguisher £100 – £300
Total Low End $28,100
Total High End $114,100

SWOT Analysis

Strength Of Mobile Food Venue

  • The students are responsive to latest food trends
  • The UK customers are interested in valued-added food items such as organic food, and multicultural cuisine
  • The students are responsive to latest food trends
  • The UK customers are interested in valued-added food items such as organic food, and multicultural cuisine
  • The UK students prefer high quality premium food products
  • The UK has a high per capita food expenditure rate.
  • The UK students prefer high quality premium food products
  • The UK has a high per capita food expenditure rate.

Weakness Of Mobile Food Venue

  • Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, food spending are under pressure
  • People are skeptical about eating foods on public places
  • The branded products are putting pressure on non-branded food products
  • Intense price competition

Opportunity for Mobile Food Venue

  • UK Students are receptive towards hygienic food products
  • UK Students prefer to take value-added, convenient food products available nearby
  • Affordable and mobile food spots are growing in popularity
  • UK Students like to eat at open spaces

Threat for Mobile Food Venue

  • Increasing competition in mobile food trucks business
  • Increasing pressure for discounted prices and promotional offers
  • Established brands have left few opportunities for new startups
  • The prolonged price competition will put pressure on mobile food truck business


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