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Tips to write master thesis or dissertation

Tips to write master thesis or dissertation

How to write a master thesis

Writing a dissertation or thesis at Masters’ or PhD level is a lengthy task and the students have to pay great attention towards it. There are a number of similarities and differences which can be observed while writing a dissertation and thesis. Sometimes, the students have to complete master thesis writing task within a short deadline. On the other hand, to write a PhD thesis, the students have to work on a topic for 3-4 years that is just difficult and fatiguing. However, the approach to both these tasks is similar in a number of ways. That is why they mostly look for help from the online dissertation writing services in uk to lessen their research and writing burden. 

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In this article, we are going to analyze the different aspects of thesis/dissertation writing to provide you help in completing your academic projects. Online dissertation writing services can guide the students better to understand the true nature of a dissertation or thesis. The written papers should neither be too short nor too long. By taking the right steps, the students can better be able to complete this difficult task successfully.

How master thesis or dissertation should be structured?

Thesis writing is an exclusive activity and there is no general consent about what is the best method to structure it. As a master level student, you must be well aware about using the structure for your research projects after discussing with your tutors and by having a look at the previously published thesis/dissertation by your senior students.

Almost all masters level dissertation are exceptional, however the following two structures are mostly recommended for them to be followed. At PhD level, a thesis can be structured as a series of journals which may be submitted to professional journals for publication. Here, the students have to write the thesis and articles for publication one by one. But this structure is usually not common. The second option is to write a masters level thesis in a book format and it may consist of different chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis and conclusion. A typically written thesis must have the following sections included in it.











The right time to start master thesis process:

Deciding about the start of writing process of your thesis/dissertation mainly depends on the scope of your research project and the duration of your course. Sometimes, the research project may be short and the students may not have much time to write their master thesis prior finishing the project. However, in some cases, the project may be long especially at PhD level. Despite the nature and length of your research project, it is recommended that you should start the thesis writing process as your first priority.

master thesis

How to improve master thesis writing skills?

First, by finishing the first draft of your research project early and sending it to your supervisor for review; you may get the best guidelines to improve your writing skills. The supervisor will highlight all of your writing and formatting mistakes and suggest you how to improve it further. By repeating this process a few times, you will better be able to identify and correct thesis writing mistakes personally. Secondly, the students whose first language is not English may ask any of their native English friends to have a look at their written thesis to point out the mistakes. Thirdly, different writing courses are offered by different universities to enhance the writing skills of master level students. By attending such courses, the students can greatly be able to improve their writing standards. Also, having discussions with their fellow and senior master level students, they will have an idea about how to write a master thesis perfectly.

How to write the bibliography in master thesis?

While studying at master’s level, the students are required to develop and create the bibliography page in the best possible manner. In this way, the students will not get lost to collect and compile enough research sources to be included in their thesis. The best option to keep the record of all the articles being referenced in the research is to make a database. Here the students give the summary of all the articles and chapters in the form of bullet points and later use them as a reference when required. The students must also have some knowledge about using specific reference management software (RMS) such as EndNote, FootNote etc. The use of RMS is just simple and easy and it may save students’ time while organizing their bibliography.


 How to avoid plagiarism?

Plagiarism is considered to be a grave crime in the academic world. So, the students should try their level best to avoid it at any cost in their writings. Generally, plagiarism is committed by the students at master’s level involuntarily. The reason is that they just copy/paste some parts of journals they have to site in their thesis or dissertation without rephrasing them. So, if you have to present any information that belongs to someone else, you must use the source of information and should write the exact statement as written in the source.

How to format master thesis?

About formatting master thesis, different universities have different rules and the most important thing is that the students must read these rules before writing and submitting their thesis to avoid any misfortune. The university’s guidelines must be read thoroughly before starting the thesis writing process. In this way, you may not have to waste your time to change your thesis format. The commonly recommended format by most of the universities is using 1.5-2 line spacing, 12 font size, and the thesis have to be printed on A4 paper. By following this pattern, the thesis may look nice and the tutors will be impressed to award you the better grades.

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