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What does your handwriting say about you?

Personality traits and the handwriting

There are some particular things which show the secrets of your personality. Handwriting is one of them. Have you ever thought what your handwriting says about your personality? It is possible you did not realize about it but it is really matters much. Like the uniqueness of fingerprints your handwriting is also a unique feature of your personality. Never two people can have same fingerprints and same case is with handwriting.

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handwriting and personality traitsThe study of handwriting is called graphology. This is a very interesting and famous topic to study. In different multinational organizations handwriting test is widely used for assessing the people’s personalities. Handwriting also shows some psychological traits of the writer. No doubt in nowadays all the universities and businessmen use computer-typed processes instead of handwritten papers. Yet some organizations have rules for writing all the letters by hands. All the CV’s and documents are computerized in this era of technologies but handwriting has its own importance over these all the technologies.

Here are written some researched predictions about the different personalities based on the handwriting styles. You can also check what type of personality you have by reading these predictions. The following things tell about your personality from your handwriting style:

  • Letter size
  • Line and words spacing
  • Dots and comas
  • Crosses and curves

Here are the predictions about the handwriting styles:


  • handwriting and personality traitsAn average sized handwriting which contains all the letters just in the center of line predicts that writer is well adjusted and adapted to writing.
  • If we talk about spacing then: the people who leave large spaces between words want to enjoy the freedom of mind. They don’t like crowed of words. On the other side, the people who don’t leave much space between the words are those who don’t like loneliness and are middle standard personalities.
  • Making assessment on the bases of placing sentences we can predict if the handwriting inclines to the right then the person is open minded and eager to get new experiences. This type of people enjoys meeting new people for having fun and experience. But if the handwriting slants to the left side then the person is reserving and self-possessive.
  • Circles or loops created by the writer in writing words “I” and “e” predicts about the nature of the writer. On this base it is predicted that the writer who creates wider loops is of relaxed nature having cool and open mind. While the writer who creates slim loops is of incredulous nature having tense mind.
  • Cross on word “t” if long recommends that the writer is enthusiastic and determined. While the lazy people use short crosses.
  • Likewise when the writer use lowercase “s” it means the writer is of pleasant personality. And if the curve is slim and short then it suggests that he doesn’t follow his heart’s feelings in all the matters.
  • Those people who put heavy pressure on the pen while writing anything on the paper, it causes to make words darker and thicker, are of good commitment and serious personality. They don’t pay attention to the criticism of others to them.
  • Quick writing style of anyone shows that he is impatient and does not like any delay. He thinks writing slower wastes the time. And the people who write slowly are of methodical and self-reliant personality.

Thus! You have to pay attention to your handwriting style for knowing what type of personality you have. We hope this article added much in your knowledge.